Boost C++ Libraries of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world. Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards

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Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

We emphasize libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library. Boost libraries are intended to be widely useful, and usable across a broad spectrum of applications. The Boost license encourages the use of Boost libraries for all users with minimal restrictions.

We aim to establish "existing practice" and provide reference implementations so that Boost libraries are suitable for eventual standardization. Beginning with the ten Boost Libraries included in the Library Technical Report (TR1) and continuing with every release of the ISO standard for C++ since 2011, the C++ Standards Committee has continued to rely on Boost as a valuable source for additions to the Standard C++ Library.

Boost as an organization

The Boost organization and wider Boost community supports research and education into the best possible uses of C++ and libraries developed for it, particularly, but not exclusively those contained in the Boost Library.

The organization and community support mailing lists and chat rooms to educate about best practices and cutting edge techniques for the user of Boost Libraries and C++ in general.

Since 2006 an intimate week long annual conference related to Boost called C++ Now has been held in Aspen, Colorado each May. The conference is an educational opportunity focused on cutting-edge C++. Boost has been a participant in the annual Google Summer of Code since 2007, in which students develop their skills by working on Boost Library development.

Getting Started

Boost works on almost any modern operating system, including UNIX and Windows variants. Follow the Getting Started Guide to download and install Boost. Popular Linux and Unix distributions such as Fedora, Debian, and NetBSD include pre-built Boost packages. Boost may also already be available on your organization's internal web server.

If you want to develop Boost, there's a getting started guide on the wiki.


Read on with the introductory material to help you understand what Boost is about and to help in educating your organization about Boost.


Boost welcomes and thrives on participation from a variety of individuals and organizations. Many avenues for participation are available in the Boost Community.


Current Release

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  • Version 1.85.0 New Libraries: Charconv, Scope. Updated Libraries: Asio, Atomic, Beast, Bimap, Bind, Conversion, Core, Filesystem, Function, Geometry, Iterator, JSON, LEAF, LexicalCast, Locale, Math, MSM, Multi-index, Multiprecision, MySQL, Odeint, PFR, Random, System, Stacktrace, STLInterfaces, Test, Unordered, Variant, Wave. April 15th, 2024 17:38 GMT
  • Version 1.84.0 New Libraries: Cobalt, Redis. Updated Libraries: Any, Asio, Atomic, Beast, Chrono, ContainerHash, Conversion, Core, CRC, DLL, Endian, Filesystem, Geometry, Heap, JSON, LEAF, LexicalCast, Locale, Lockfree, Log, Math, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, MySQL, PFR, Predef, Random, Ratio, Stacktrace, System, Test, Thread, TypeIndex, TypeOf, Unordered, Variant, Wave. December 13th, 2023 23:54 GMT
  • Version 1.83.0 New Libraries: Compat. Updated Libraries: Any, Atomic, Chrono, Compat, Core, DLL, Filesystem, Flyweight, Geometry, Iterator, JSON, Locale, Log, Math, Mp11, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, MySQL, Ratio, Test, Timer, Unordered, URL, UUID, Variant2. Updated Tools: Build. August 11th, 2023 16:23 GMT

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