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Boost Sandbox

When boost was developed using subversion, the Boost Sandbox contained unreviewed code that is intended to eventually become a part of the Boost libraries. New libraries should be developed separately as git modules, and existing projects should be moved to GitHub. The sandbox remains as a historical record.

Accessing the Boost Sandbox

The Boost Sandbox lives at within the old Boost Subversion repository.


Because there were typically many projects in the sandbox at any one time (in various stages of development), the sandbox should have been organized by project. Each project should have had its own subdirectory inside sandbox. For example, an XML library would reside in sandbox/xml. Inside that project-specific subdirectory, the project would be organized like any other Boost library, with a boost subdirectory (for headers) and libs subdirectory (for source code, build files, and documentation). Our hypothetical XML project would likely have had the following structure:

  • sandbox/xml/
    • boost/ - Contains xml.hpp, which includes all of the headers from xml/
      • xml/ - Contains Boost.XML headers
    • libs/
      • xml/
        • build/ - Contains Jamfiles to build Boost.XML
        • doc/ - Contains documentation for Boost.XML
        • src/ - Contains Boost.XML compiled source files

Many existing projects in the sandbox didn't follow this structure, opting to place headers in sandbox/boost and supporting files in sandbox/libs.