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Boost Moderators

The Boost moderators are Dave Abrahams, Carl Daniel, Beman Dawes, Jeff Garland, Doug Gregor, and John Maddock. You can reach the moderators at

Note: The boost moderators do not moderate any mailing lists other than the main Boost developers' list. For example, the boost-users list moderators are at The moderators of every other Boost list can be reached through its home page.

Moderator Functions

  • Monitor the mailing list to ensure dialog remains within the acceptable boundaries set by the discussion policy. When discussion strays, use private email to gently remind, strongly rebuke, or outright ban, as the situation demands.
  • Approve the initial postings of new (and thus still moderated) members, and move members to the "Group Policy" posting status.
  • Administer the internal operations of the Boost web site, the main Boost mailing list, the CVS repository, and other Boost administrative machinery.
  • Act as an executive committee overseeing important administrative and policy decisions. Boost is a zero-budget organization with no income and no expenses, so that eliminates the need for most management. Technical decisions are worked out on the mailing list. The moderators handle the few remaining decisions that need a definite answer.
  • Beyond the purely administrative duties, work to keep the Boost community vibrant and alive. That may be as simple as saying "thank you" to an individual member, or as complex as starting some major new initiative. Do whatever it takes!