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Boost IRC Hangouts

Boost users and developers spend time in various IRC channels to generally work together. The attendance and traffic of the channels vary greatly but there is usually someone around to chat. And many times chat about just about any topic, not just about the Boost C++ Libraries.

Even though the channels are not moderated in the strict sense, for some there is the expectation that one should follow the usual Boost discussion rules of civility. This is both as a recognition that the Boost community is varied in age, and in sensibilities. So please keep your language clean. And don't be surprised if you find yourself reprimanded by the ops.

Our channels can be found on the freenode network.


This is the main channel, and as such sees a good deal of traffic at times. Most times one can find about 80 "people" (there are a few bots in there) and a good representation from Boost developers. If you are looking for some quick help in getting something in Boost working this is a good place to go.


This is rather chatty but topical, hence the ## in the name, C++ language discussion channel. Many of the same people who hang out in the #boost channel, also hang out here.