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Boost Tools

Boost developers, testers, and maintainers have developed various programs to help with the administration of the Boost Libraries. Like everything else about Boost, these tools are available in source form, and are part of the regular Boost distribution.

Users may find these tools useful when porting Boost libraries to a new platform, or for use with their own applications.

The Boost build system, including the full Boost version of the jam sources.
The Boost regression testing system reporting sources.
The inspection tool used to detect errors in the Boost directory hierarchy.
A Boost documentation system, based on DocBook and the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), used by some Boost libraries.
A utility to extract subsets of Boost; to determine which parts of Boost your code is using; and to print reports on Boost usage (including Licence information).
QuickBook is a WikiWiki style documentation tool geared towards C++ documentation using simple rules and markup for simple formatting tasks. QuickBook generates BoostBook XML.
A Standards conformant C/C++ preprocessor usable on top of any other compiler. Usable for instance for the debugging of the expansion of macros in your code or as a replacement for your built-in preprocessor.