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A list of some people and organizations who contribute to keeping Boost running.

Technical Resources

Web Hosting, Mailing Lists, and Trac Administration

Hosting resources for the Boost mailing lists, our web server, our wiki and old bug tracker, are donated by Rackspace.

Maintenance, IT support, and general care-and-feeding of the resources is donated by Ciere Consulting

SSL Certificate

Our wildcard SSL Certificate was generously donated by the good folks at Ciere Consulting.

Rendering for producing Boost documentation in PDF format

Thanks to for free use of their XEP rendering program, vital for the production of the very popular PDF versions of many Boost manuals written in Quickbook, BoostBook, etc.


The compiler status tables have been prepared with resources donated by a number of individuals, educational institutions, and companies. Boost would like to thank them for their support. Some of the organizations helping include:

Note, however, that Boost does not endorse any product or service, nor does Boost guarantee that some or all of its libraries work with any of the products or services mentioned above.