Boost C++ Libraries of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world. Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards


C++ Organizations

C++ Standards Committee
Issues lists and papers give insight into current status and future directions.
Association of C & C++ Users
Over 2400 book reviews, and lots more.

Online Publications

The C++ Source
"The Premier Online Journal for the C++ Community".

Copies of the C++ Standard

ANSI Store
The full C++ Standard including TC1 corrections (INCITS/ISO/IEC 14882) is available as a PDF document for $18 US. The document is certainly not a tutorial but is interesting to those who care about the precise specification of both the language and the standard library.
The full C++ Standard including TC1 corrections is also available in book form, list price $65 US. Since the content of the book is the same as the much cheaper ANSI PDF, the book form is only of interest to those who prefer a physical book, say for a school or company library.

Contributed Articles

C++ Committee Meetings
FAQ for Boost Members wishing to attend a standards committee meeting.
Generic Programming Techniques
By David Abrahams and Jeremy Siek describes some of the techniques used in Boost libraries.
Error and Exception Handling
Describes approaches to errors and exceptions by David Abrahams.
Exception-Safety in Generic Components
Lessons Learned from Specifying Exception-Safety for the C++ Standard Library by David Abrahams.
Counted Body Techniques
By Kevlin Henney is must reading for those interested in reference counting, a widely used object management idiom. Originally published in Overload magazine.
Implementation Variations
Sometimes one size fits all, sometimes it doesn't. This page deals with the trade-offs.
Feature Model Diagrams in text and HTML
Describes how to represent feature model diagrams in text form.